Michael Craig is earthy in his view of life, because in addition to being a chiropractor, he is a farmer descended from farmers. He respects the web of life, and understands how imbalances in our relationships with earth, sky, water, and other living things, present as disease and dysfunction. He utilizes manual therapies, movement, and smart nutrition, to provide comfort and pleasure by easing imbalances within the body. Dr. Craig feels that little changes, made with awareness and intention, will heal all of our big problems.

Changes such as the way we stand, walk, breathe, listen, speak, eat, and drink, facilitate or inhibit our demands and desires towards well-being. Dr. Craig believes that reformative and healing energy is within our human potential, as is our capacity to change.

The body responds to our demands from the inside out, and Dr. Craig will adjust your skeleton, muscles, and nervous system, help solve the mystery of your dysfunction, and offer suggestions towards self reliance in the management of injury and pain.