Coming from the simplicity often associated with Quaker tradition, it’s no real surprise that Dr. Shultz has always been a restorer of things– furniture, her clinic, or “Margaret,” her 1960 Volkswagen.

However, her life’s work as a health care professional began after an accidental fall off a twenty-foot cliff. The injuries she sustained eventually landed her in the capable hands of a chiropractor, who not only tended to Sue’s injuries, but also encouraged her to pursue a career in Chiropractic. Since 1983, Dr. Shultz has been restoring people with her skillful hands as well as a holistic approach to healing, which includes nutritional and lifestyle suggestions. In 1991, she began her study of acupuncture and Asian medicine so she could provide more comprehensive care to her patients. Her specialties include musculoskeletal injuries, extremity orthopedics, and an integration of eastern and western medicine. Many insurance policies cover Chiropractic and Acupuncture care.

Once you step inside Cascadia Health Care, you’ll become aware of the special nature of this capable and nurturing practitioner. Dr. Shultz along with her husband, and fellow Chiropractor, Dr. Craig, spent painstakingly, long hours restoring this old 1940’s home to create the healing environment it is today.

Dr. Susan Shultz is not a “do as I say; not as I do,” practitioner. She walks a path by example and hopes her patients will follow. She lives a green lifestyle with the goal of producing zero waste; tends to her organic garden, and enjoys long hours riding her bicycle. She is actively working to increase public awareness and acceptance of Asian medicine and has contributed seven years as a board member of the Washington Acupuncture and Asian Medicine Association.